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  1. Awesome scope , built like a tank, repeatable!

  2. We used these in late December here in Alaska on a Sitka Black Tail hunt and they are amazing. We tested them in -8*F to +45 *F and zero fogging or issues. These are amazing and the chest rig that comes with them is top of the line. If you are on the fence about these, don’t be. If it can handle Alaska hunts it can handle anything I think.

  3. Just like it’s little brother the 2 1/2-15. This scope is absolutely wonderful. I bought 4 of these scopes as soon as I looked through the first one. A winner.

  4. I’ve been able to compare this to some other ZTO and this is clearly the top of their offerings. Very high quality indeed.

  5. Gday guys. Quick introduction of what I do and my usage I’m a professional shooter in Western Australia. I drive over country that is extremely rough. Everything in the vehicle cops a bloody hiding no matter how much you try to look after your equipment sometimes shit just happens. Anyways I brough a ZeroTech 3-12×44 with PHR3 reticle for my 223 and after about 6 months of solid use it still performs perfectly. Extremely clear and holds zero well. It’s had a fair few knocks whilst chasing down wild boars and camels. I brought a second one of larger size for my 300wm and that also gets the same treatment as it’s just the nature of the beast and this scope also preforms extremely well. My normal scopes are triple the price but I really do not see and quality difference. Side by side I think the ZeroTech is actually more clear than my leupolds. I’ve just brought a 3rd to put on my 22-250 and I expect that to be amazing aswell. If your sitting on the fence about getting one then I say just do it, you won’t regret it !!

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